>Upload database to godaddy.com using phpmyadmin


Received this error
MySQL said:
#1044 – Access denied for user
1. click on the database you want export out of your localhost to godaddy, eg. my_db
2. Click on export, and then click go. It will prompt you to save file. Save as .sql
3. go to godaddy phpmyadmin and click on the database you want to import it to
4.click on import and click on choose file
wala you’re done
I wanted to put screen shots but it was too big for this blog

>Leaving a trail.

>I listened to an interview of Collis Taeed the creater of Envato on how he started his business. Something that caught my attention was when he was starting out in order to get initial traffic he would go on message boards and post a comment and leave his trail which was his website information. I have started couple of sites and in order to get traffic I did the same thing but I stopped. Now that I look back I made a mistake. The reason I stopped was because I thought it was wrong to beg people to check your site. If it is wrong? I don’t want to be right. So for now on whenever I post something online I will put my website information.

>Relationship vs Skills Job?

>There’s two type of jobs a skill job and a relationship job. People with the skill are those who really don’t care if they fired because they know they can move on to another job that pays the same or more. However a relationship job is the job that if fired you are screwed. You move up the company because you been there for so long or because you know the boss or better you blew the boss. I’m tired of reading stories about people who lost there job and are complaining because they can’t find what will allow them to the same thing with the same pay. Like watch youtube and surf facebook all day. They expect to be high paid babysitters for the rest of their lives and yes I’m talking to you managers. Anyone can do your job, you have no skill and if the company go bankrupt you’re the next one to complain to the world. So stop your winning and complaining, how long did you expect watching youtube and facebook for a living was going to last

>I’ll write whatever!

>I’m sitting here ready to go to sleep and drinking some strawberry milk while I write this. Sooo good. wooo I almost tipped over my drink.

I’m a strong believer in saving money. Sacrifice now, then you can tell your boss to go to hell. However, I also believe that in order to start a business you need to spend money. I been thinking about saving some money so I can start a computer company but something always comes up in which I need to spend it somewhere else. Today I bought a Logitech M570 910-001799 Wireless Trackball Mouse for 53 dollars. I never paid that much for a mouse and I was thinking about returning it to Best Buy after a couple days because I will soon regret the purchase. But I’m really falling in love with it and since I use my mouse all the time it’s a good investment. This type of mouse is also considered to be good ergonomics.
Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

>We control the world?

>As more and more people become dependent on computers the more we developers are needed. From doctors office to garbage truck drivers they all use devices created by a programmer. We are everywhere. The device the doctors use to help them in their practice, was it a doctor that created it? NO. The movies you watch I created, the screen you see I created, phone you answer I created. I’m the creator, I’m a developer.