Making your server accessible to the internet (outside your own network).

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There are two types of IP address. I like to call it the internet ip address and the server ip address. The way it works is that the internet ip address points to the server ip address. The INTERNET cannot access your server directly but can access your internet ip address.

This works
INTERNET(The world)->your internet ip address ->your server ip address

This doesn’t work
INTERNET(The world)->your server ip address

To find your internet ip address go to

Your server ip address is what you created with Ubuntu or any server.

To point your internet ip address to your server ip address you need to access your router. You do this by typing in browser (for Linksys, it may be different if you have a different router). What we will be doing is Port Forwarding.

In Applications & Gaming-> Port Range Foward

Applications-> can be anything you want
Start and End-> needs to be 80
Protocol->needs to be Both (TCP & UDP)
IP Address -> need to be your server IP

Save and exit

That’s it . Type your internet ip address in the browser. It will now direct you to your server.

In order to port forwarding to work the computer and software needs to work. Example if you open port 22 (ssh) but dont have ssh server installed on your computer or put an ip address that doesn’t exist (192.168.wrong.num). It is going to show as a closed port.

Connect using domain name
I purchased my domain from godaddy
All were doing is connecting a domain name to the internet ip address

Log into account
Select the domain name you want to use
And access you Domain Manager
Click Launch where it says DNS Manager

Put your internet ip address (not the server) under Points To (next to Host) where its highlighted in blue

Then save

Now when you type your domain name it will take you to your site

INTERNET(The world)->Domain Name->your internet ip address->your server ip address

You did it!!!
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