First Soldered Circuit

I’ve been working a lot with breadboard circuitry but haven’t tried the soldering until today. I built the most plain circuit possible, lighting an LED. Its like the hello world version of programming.  Its contains a 6 volt battery pack, an LED and a 470 olms resistor.

The Front:

The Back:

2 thoughts on “First Soldered Circuit”

  1. Not bad for a first attempt. But the solder blobs are elongated. What was your method?

    My method was (was: It’s quite a while since I built my first computer with 3-4000 solder joints)
    1) Heat the soldering iron till it was at the right temperature: when the solder-wire would melt instantly, wetting the tip of the iron.
    2) flick the excess solder off the tip of the iron.
    3) apply the tip of the iron to the joint which is already mechanically rigid (don’t have the wires wobbling about in the open air).
    4)when the joint is hot, apply the solder-wire to the joint+iron so that just enough solder ‘flows’ around the joint.
    5) remove the iron and solder-wire from the joint.
    6) allow the joint to cool and solidify undisturbed.

    Unfortunately, soldering a good joint is becoming a lost art.

    Go forth and solder some more.

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