>Mind Cloaking

>In my writing I have noticed that I can prof read and re-read and will not find any errors but if I change the background of what I’m reading on, the error becomes evident.

It’s like your mind is auto completing, tricking, cloaking the errors.

There may be a name for this occurrence. It seems similar to those images with a black dot in the middle where if you stare at it long enough a secret image will show or when two colors are next to each other they look like the complete opposite but when apart they’re only different shades of the same color.

This also happens in programming. You may be looking at a bug right in the face but you cannot find it unless you take a break or change the environment.

>Skype Blacklist

>Skype can be used as a blacklist. Sort out the calls you do not want to receive. Smart phone have applications that allow you to block incoming calls but what about landlines? You can block calls from your ex-girlfriend, debt collector or some pre-recorded call offering you a business opportunity.

The way it works is to have a skype number and your original number (cell phone, landline). Redirect skype calls to your orginal number. Now you can give skype number to whoever and not worry about getting on some calling list because you can now block it. Every number blocked on skype will not be redirected to your original number creating a black list.

If you need details on how to set it up, how to block it. Leave a comment.

>Milestone: 100th Post

>Since March 28th I been at it consistently. There were days I didn’t want to post and days I couldn’t wait to post. Posted some great content and not so great. I have learned and improved skills because I decided to take a couple of minutes, 3 days a week to put what was in my head and expose it to the world.

start date – March 28, 2011
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Post – 100
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