Math is so Useful

If you want to know how the world works? Know math. -My College history teacher

Rarely do I use math in PHP but when it comes to circuit building, business and statistics. Math is my best friend.

Ask anyone, what is their favorite subject and rarely will you ever hear math. You’ll hear stuff like “I hate math, why do I have to learn this stuff”. Yeah math is a pain to learn. My Algebra teacher Ms. Kline told me that math is different from any other subject, you’ll actually need to practice it in order to be good.

I was trying to find out which distributors offered a better price at what quantity.  They had different fixed and variable cost. It’s a 2 simple linear equations.  q is the quantity and p is the total price.

Distributer A Distributer B
Price (q) $2 $3
Shipping $5 $0
Equation 2q+5= p 3q=p

I used wolframalpha to solve the equation.

When I solved the equation I get that q=5 and p =15.  This means that when the quantity is 5 both distributor have the same price but when quantity is less than 5 distributor A has the better price and when quantity is more than 5 distributor B has the better price.