CadSoft Eagle Cad Notes

Copy and paste between two schematics:
In Eagle 6.3.0 I could not located the cut tool icon so I selected the component I wanted with the group tool and typed cut into the command line of the program and hit the green light icon on the top toolbar. Then open the new schematic and clicked the paste tool icon.

Why eagle cad not making connections, can’t hook up wires?
I assume you mean JP1?
use the LAYERS command to turn on pins to see the actual connection point for the nets (wires) … also you can use the JUNCTION tool to force connections where eagle thought you just overlapped

I designed a board with the silk screen on top rather than on the bottom, how do I change them all at the same time?
Click on the wrench icon (change) and select a layer->layer you want to change to. Use the select tool and select what you want to change, right click and select->”change group” from the drop down

Scripts for silk screen and gerber output CAM

Using viewpoint to view gerber but receiving error “can not load drill file …”?
Make sure you only have you have the correct files selected. Do not select .dri as the “drill tool file”. Be sure to specify the drill file type as 2.4 leading.

Setting up driver for Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial

Read the explanation

I picked VCP Driver

Download the Windows* driver .zip

extracted the zip to my desktop

Went to my device manager
Location: Control Panel\System

Found the device under “Other devices”

Right clicked on “USB Serial Port”

Selected “Update Driver Software”

Selected “Browse my computer for driver software”

Browsed to the extracted folder on my desktop
C:\Users\Desktop\CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified

Clicked next

Then wala, your done, its installed

step by step, installing drivers, arduino, breadboard, bearbones

>Adventure into Electronics

>I’m a programmer and don’t know anything about electricity, circuits and things in that family. Recently I decide to start programing microcontrollers in order to build these cool physical gadgets I see in the interwebs so I bought me an Arduino to get started but stood looking at it like a deer starring at headlights because I didn’t know where to start. Next I bought Make: Electronics book to get me started. One major difference between building software and circuits is that one cost money. In order to build your circuits you need to buy parts and I went out today to Radio Shack and dropped $45.00 on these simple items. Slowing but surly I’m desensitizing to this technology. I’m not sure where this may lead but it looks promising.