Adding product images to Woocommerce

Working on WordPress woothemes for woocommerce and wanted to add multiple images to a product without adding to the description post. I couldn’t find anything inside WordPress to do that so I went straight to the MySQL database to see what was linking it. In “wp-posts” table under “post_parent” field where the image record is if you change the post_parent number to a product id post number it will show up as one of the product images.



wordpress change image parent, pictures, woothemes

Start of ecommerce

Today I finally setup my ecommerce site.  The home page takes you directly to my first product sale the ATMEGA328-PU with Arduino bootloader.  Its quite simple page because I wanted to launch it ASAP and update frequently.  If you interested in buying an ATMEGA328-PU for your Arduino go to the home page and click the buy now button.  Its the cheapest price in the world guaranteed, $2.00 per chip with free shipping.