Bring it together

The past couple of years I’ve been learning many different technologies starting with after effects, photoshop, web design, programming and circuitry. I do this not on purpose but by accident and wonder whether it’s a lack of focus.

However, I’m doing what I enjoy and all this learned knowledge seems to come in handy on whatever project I’m currently working on.

I ran into a quote by Steve Jobs that identified with this.

Ultimately it comes down to taste. It’s a matter of trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done. And then try to bring those things into what you are doing. Picasso had a saying: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

Creator not the Teacher

“Don’t who can’t do, teach”. All the teachers in the world whether its your college professor, manager at your job, your friend, bloggers and so on cannot do because if they could they wouldn’t teach. Many may disagree because you need to know first the how before you can teach. But why would a successful person in the area of business waste their time teaching others to be their competitors. One may be fooled by the fact they enjoy helping people but the reality is they got off the elevator and decided to settle. If you were given the option to run a business were it paid a huge sum of money, which will you do? Teach or create? Would you be a Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak? For me it would be to run a business because teaching a bunch of 5th graders is the easy way out.

Sometimes I get caught up with the teaching stuff too much and lose track of what I’m really trying to accomplish. Yes, teaching will build you an audience but that’s where it needs to be left. I don’t want to be a teacher but an experience sharer and feed off the insight of others. I want to be the creator not the teacher.

Spam on Blog

Geez, I recently switched from Blogger to WordPress and boy do people like to spam. The great benefit about switching to WordPress is the facility of user feedback but on the flip side you get spam like crazy. It makes me wonder, are my views actual people or bots.

I’m not smart, I work hard

“Your Smart!” They said to me but I replied, “not really, I just work hard”. It’s funny when someone comes to me and calls me smart when couple years ago, supposively I wasn’t so smart. I’m not smarter than the next average Joe but a harder worker, let me tell you.

If they saw me everyday trying to program, reading a book, learning a little a day everyday they would see its not about physical ability or genetic lottery but determination with a mixture of perseverance.

It doesnt matter how much you explain to someone they can never understand the time, the tears, the sweat nor the blood it took to get me to the “smart” part of my life. Many are fooled because they believe they can’t achieve the same results but the only thing keeping them from reaching it is the ability to put in the work. It’s not possible to change overnight but you can change your direction.

You’re a Business, The employed and self-employed

You probably heard it before “I enjoy being my own boss because I make my own rules and I have freedom”. A very general description because you’re free from WHAT? You may not have a person as a boss but that role is switched to your customers, they’re your boss. You may have this false feeling of freedom but you’re bound to customer complaints, returns, paperwork and so on. It’s cool to walk around and say “I’m my own boss, I make my own rules” to your friends. But depending on the situation having your own business isn’t the best idea. Being your own boss is still having a job but your responsibility is different, and many sacrifices are required to be successful.

I’m a business no matter what. If I’m an employee or employer whatever it is I’m still the owner of myself and the money I make. When I work I give my best and want to be compensated accordingly. If this can’t be done, my business (myself) will switch different markets (job). When this market(job) is not cutting it, then I should venture in new territories(self-employed).

There’s always a flip side to the coin, a yin and a yang, risks and rewards and we need to make the best decisions for the current situation. I’m all for starting your own business and it is my ultimate goal. I won’t do it because I’m lazy of responsibility or work, but because my job just isn’t cutting it anymore.

>Adventure into Electronics

>I’m a programmer and don’t know anything about electricity, circuits and things in that family. Recently I decide to start programing microcontrollers in order to build these cool physical gadgets I see in the interwebs so I bought me an Arduino to get started but stood looking at it like a deer starring at headlights because I didn’t know where to start. Next I bought Make: Electronics book to get me started. One major difference between building software and circuits is that one cost money. In order to build your circuits you need to buy parts and I went out today to Radio Shack and dropped $45.00 on these simple items. Slowing but surly I’m desensitizing to this technology. I’m not sure where this may lead but it looks promising.

I’m not IT

The one thing that makes me cringe is when someones asks me if I’m IT or should do IT. Many miss use this term because they’re ignorant.

I agree with Linus Torvalds and this is what he said:

“Oh, the absolute *last* thing I want to do is be seen as a support person. No way.

But I’m simply not really organized enough to be a good MIS person. And frankly, I lack the interest. I find the low-level details of how computers work really interesting, but if I had to care about user problems and people forgetting their passwords or messing up their backups, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d probably turn to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain”.

I don’t want to help you fix your mistake, your lack of knowledge, fix your screen resolution. I’m a programmer, I build things, I’m not IT!

>Programmer Hiring

>When I started programming I kept hearing recruiters are clueless and don’t know what they’re doing. I recently ran into one who made me take a test at

First I’m not a geek just because I’m a programmer. By definition I’m NOT a person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy.

Second, the questions were wrong like saying PHP is a programming language when in its a scripting language, some were dumb like who is father of PHP, who cares! How does knowing this make your software any better, some question were deprecated and finally bad practices and obfuscated. Overall silly!

Now I wonder what kind of developers they have employed. Recruits don’t understand that programming isn’t a multiple choice test and not necessary what you know but what you can discover. Without the internet I’m a worst programmer because I use it like an extension of my memory. I don’t try to memorize every single function in a language because I’m not going to use them all and I can build my own if I have to.