Stop DNS hijacking and setting DNS server

– disable DNS hijacking
– change DNS server
– setting up google as DNS server

What is DNS hijacking ?
– DNS redirecting

Why don’t I want it ?
– When I but a url that is not recognized it gets redirected to ads
– It interferes with avahi-daemon (zeroconf)

How do I know its occurring ?
– by typing a non existing url in the browser
– ping a non existing url
– in windows by running nslookup in the command line and seeing a foreign ip address

How to stop it ?
– setting up a specific router (
– or changing your computer dns server (
– use QuickSetDNS

More ?
– in windows command line running ipconfig /allĀ will show what dns server you’re running

In linux
You will need to edit the ‘/etc/resolv.conf’ with the nameserver of your choice. You can manually edit it (without restarting anything) and have it work however it you restart you computer it will be overwritten by resolvconf. To avoid the overwriting you need to edit ‘/etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head’ instead. Now if you cannot find that file you will need to update ‘resolvconf’ by running ‘$ apt-get install resolvconf’ (had to do it for raspberry pi). source
To force resolvconf to update /etc/resolv.conf run
$ sudo resolvconf -u

Another ‘not a good idea’ option is to use ‘$ chattr +i’ to lock down ‘resolv.conf’ which seems hacky

time warner
bright house network

Zend 2 notes

# creating a new module folders
$ mkdir -p Album/{config,src/Album/{Controller,Form,Model},view/album/album}
# using zf.php,
$ vendor/bin/zf.php create module