SSH Private Key conversion

In attempt to login into a ssh server using a private key in phpstorm I ran accross this error.

Keypair ‘private_key.ppk’ is corrupt or has unknown format. Only SSH2 keys in OpenSSH format or PuTTY Private Key *.ppk are supported. Error message: The cipher ‘aes256-cbc’ is required, but it is not available.

This error will not allow the “next” and “test connection” button to appear

The issue here is that the private key format is incorrect. You’ll will need to convert the private key to open ssh format. And the way to do that is

Open your private key in PuTTYGen
Top menu “Conversions”->”Export OpenSSH key”.
Save the new OpenSSH key when prompted.

Laravel Homestead Vagrant windows setup

video notes:
9:35 editing hosts files
6:13 putty ssh to vagrant server

# start vagrant
# inside C:\Users\username\Desktop\vagrant\Code
$ vagrant up

# the url will be

# vagrant for public access
# :public_network, ip: ""

# to allow symbolic links, ln -s
# in windows 7 you need to run the terminal as administrator

Installing Burp Suite

# To download current version see OR

# using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
# Download burp suite:

$ sha256sum
$ sh

# Using Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS

$ sudo su
$ cd /opt
$ mkdir burpsuite
$ cd /opt/burpsuite

# or the current version see

$ cd /opt/burpsuite
$ wget 
$ java -jar burpsuite_free_v1.5.jar

# Firefox network proxy configuration
network proxy configuration