jQuery Deferreds

Just some examples that were useful to me


var myVar  = 1;
function test(){
    var deferred = new $.Deferred();
        myVar = 2;
    return deferred; //or return deferred.promise()

    console.log(myVar);  //should execute after the call below

console.log(myVar); //should be one because this is excuded first ever though it after the above call

$.get( "includes/cifras.html", function( data ) {
    $( "#songs" ).html( data );
}).done( function(){
            var songs = new Array();
                songs[i] = {}
                songs[i]['html'] = $(this).html();
                songs[i]['id'] = i;

            $.each( songs, function( key, value ) {
' + value['html'] + '

'); }); $('.cifra').click(function(){ $('#stand').html($('.cifra-mono').eq(this.id).html()); $('#list').css('display','none'); $(".back").css('display','block'); }); }); $( ".back" ).click(function() { $('#stand').html(''); $('#list').css('display','block'); $(".back").css('display','none'); });

Change Linksys WRT54G Default Gateway IP Address

Changing linksys local/default gateway ip address from to

1. Connect an Ethernet cord to you router LAN and your computer
2. Login into the router by opening a browser and typing
3. Go to Setup-> basic setup
4. change “Local IP Address:” to

5. Unplug the power to the router and Ethernet cord from the computer and wait 30 seconds
6. Plug everything back and you should now be able to log into router with
and if you run ipconfig in the command line you should see the default gateway as
also see other parts of the software with same ip address such as http://x-v.it/fna6kj

7. Unplug the Ethernet cord from the computer and see if you can connect to it wireless
8. Plug the router WAN to the modem for internet.
9. You’ll need to configure you linksys router to get internet

Setting Up Linksys Router

10. Done.

The reason I needed this was because I have two routers and they cannot have both the same gateway

How to change the motorola router

Motorola SBG6580 Router / Modem

Motorola SBG6580 Router / Modem

My router was recently changed and I tried to bridge it (act only as a modem) but it didn’t work. I had a perfect working Linksys router but my ISP had to changed my old modem to a 2 in 1 piece of shit Motorola SBG6580. The default gateway for the Motorola is different than the Linksys so I had to re-configure my server, which I did however there were some stuff that wasn’t working correctly. I didn’t know how to track it down or how to fix it so instead of going thru that headache I decided to change the Motorola default gateway/LAN IP address to what the Linksys was and it worked.

To change the LAN IP address from to
log into you motorola router
Navigate to,
Basic-> Setup-> change Lan Ip address to
then click apply. you wont be able to connect to wireless internet
so connect to the Ethernet cord and go to
Basic-> Setup-> click “Renew WAN LEASE”

Motorola SBG6580


Setup wireless windows Vista Laptop

I have a Dell Latitude D630 and I bought a new internal hard drive and installed windows Vista. However I could not get the computer to detect the wireless driver much less a internet connection. Here how I solved this issue.

I download software from this site ftp://ftp.dell.com/Pages/Drivers/latitude-d630.html

Install the Dell Notebook System Software and the Intel Mobile Chipset first. These MUST be installed first or the rest of the drivers will fail to install. The rest of the order is not as crucial.

Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller

Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN MiniCard

Dell Wireless 360 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

Intel (R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Dell QuickSet

but I only installed (in this order):

computer: Dell Latitude D630
wireless driver: broadcom BCM94321MC
operating system: Windows Vista 32-bit



Wifi issues