Best Practice: Software Versioning

You should start with version 1, unless you know that the first version you “release” is incomplete in some way.

As to how you increment the versions, that’s up to you, but use the major, minor, build numbering as a guide.

It’s not necessary to have every version you commit to source control as another version – you’ll soon have a very large version number indeed. You only need to increment the version number (in some way) when you release a new version to the outside world.

So If you make a major change move from version to version (you changed from WinForms to WPF for example). If you make a smaller change move from to (you added support for png files). If you make a minor change then go from to (you fixed some bugs).

If you really want to get detailed use the final number as the build number which would increment for every checking/commit (but I think that’s going too far).

Twilio: Add phone ring before voicemail picks up

In twilio if you want to ring before your voicemail starts. What you need to do is add verb and specify a mp3 file. See example below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Play loop=”4″></Play>
Sorry I missed you call but please leave a message after the beep. Thank you.
<Record transcribe="true" transcribeCallback=""></Record>

Android Impression i10 tablet hack list

Impression i10 tablet

Hard reset/factory reset impressions i10

Download .apk app files

installing android market/google play

finding Device ID

root device (I selected psneuter on the exploit)

trying to update firmware:
I tried to update it to 4.01 and brink it (broke it). The tablet wouldn’t boot anymore, it would only stay on the impression screen. I believe the error was in the version of the sdfuse I downloaded. When trying to upgrade to new firmware (power and volume up button) the first two of loading boxes were filled with white and then green for the next following boxes but it wouldn’t fill the last long box then it would shut down (the screen goes black). Then I downloaded a different sdfuse (used an sd micro reader to open it on my conputer).
Now when I tried to upgrade, the same boxes appeared but they were all filled completely with only green and then auto shutdown (black screen). Then it started to work. In the meanwhile while doing all this I also did factory reset (camera + power button). I don’t know if factory reset had any thing to do with it working.