Start of ecommerce

Today I finally setup my ecommerce site.  The home page takes you directly to my first product sale the ATMEGA328-PU with Arduino bootloader.  Its quite simple page because I wanted to launch it ASAP and update frequently.  If you interested in buying an ATMEGA328-PU for your Arduino go to the home page and click the buy now button.  Its the cheapest price in the world guaranteed, $2.00 per chip with free shipping.

Setting up driver for Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial

Read the explanation

I picked VCP Driver

Download the Windows* driver .zip

extracted the zip to my desktop

Went to my device manager
Location: Control Panel\System

Found the device under “Other devices”

Right clicked on “USB Serial Port”

Selected “Update Driver Software”

Selected “Browse my computer for driver software”

Browsed to the extracted folder on my desktop
C:\Users\Desktop\CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified

Clicked next

Then wala, your done, its installed

step by step, installing drivers, arduino, breadboard, bearbones

Send Email from WordPress

This plugin will allow you to setup the SMTP server which will allow you to use WordPress plugins that use email. You will be able to choose from your own or gmail SMTP.

If you wish not to use a plugin but instead use a PHP script using phpmailer.

If you want to send out email notifications to a commenter when they are replied. Download the comment-reply-notification plugin
More information on this plugin.

Install Easy WP SMTP and send a test email.

wordpress email notification reply comment
wordpress send email reply comment