>Server showing IP address in URL?

>To link the domain name to your server the A (address) at the DNS site (eg. namecheap.com) needs to point to your public server IP address. Recently I was having an issue with my site because when I typed baligena.com it went to the site however when I click on a link it would be replace by my IP address in the URL. It’s funny when you call for tech support its a waste of time because this shit is too advanced and they won’t be able to help you. What I figured out it wasn’t the domain name nor the server that was causing this error but WordPress. WordPress has an option to specify your site URL.

>Point Domain Name to your Server

>My domain names are hosted by namecheap.com after I decided to make a switch out of godaddy.com. However, I never got around to point my domain name to my server instead I had a simple webpage redirect. Below is a conversation I had with their support team where they explain to me what types of re-directions are and how configure it.

You are now chatting with Natalie Z. – Domains Support
21:47Natalie Z.: Hello, you’ve contacted Live Support! How can I help you today?
21:48kaka: I have a server where my website is located. I’m trying to use my domain name
21:50kaka: I’m basically trying to forward the domain name not a redirect. How do I do that
21:51Natalie Z.: What exactly you wish to configure on our side? Change nameservers? Create some host record? Create URL redirect?
21:52kaka: What is the difference between changing nameservers and URL redirect
21:55Natalie Z.: If you change the nameservers, you will delegate domain’s zone file to the side of your hosting provider and you will need to manage host records there. If you set up URL redirect, you just make the domain redirect to other one, the nameservers are not changed, host records are managed on our side. Changing nameservers will give you some options on the side of your hosting provider to manage your domain there
21:56kaka: I have my server IP address and I want my domain name to direct me to it. But I dont want masking redirect but an actual change. Do understand what I mean?
21:57Natalie Z.: If you need to point your domain to IP address, you need to do the following
21:58Natalie Z.: Go to My Account -> Manage Domains, click on the domain and after the page refreshes choose All Host Records at the left side menu.
21:58Natalie Z.: You need to enter your IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.x) for both the www and the @ fields and choose A (Address) as the Record Type from the drop down menu. Save changes
21:59kaka: what is the difference between A(address) and URL Redirect
22:01Natalie Z.: A (address) record should be created when you want to associate your domain or subdomain with IP address. URL redirect is used when you just want your visitors type the name of your domain in the address bar and being redirected to any specific web page
22:02kaka: what do i put in for TTL?
22:03Natalie Z.: You can put 1800 as a default value
22:06kaka: If I wanted direct to a specific location in my server like xxx.xxx.xxx.x/myfolder is this posible?
22:07Natalie Z.: Unfortunately, with A record it is not possible
22:07Natalie Z.: This should be configured on your server directly
22:09kaka: How long will it take for the changes to take effect?
22:10Natalie Z.: The changes will take effect within 30 minutes
22:10kaka: ok thank you

>Adventure into Electronics

>I’m a programmer and don’t know anything about electricity, circuits and things in that family. Recently I decide to start programing microcontrollers in order to build these cool physical gadgets I see in the interwebs so I bought me an Arduino to get started but stood looking at it like a deer starring at headlights because I didn’t know where to start. Next I bought Make: Electronics book to get me started. One major difference between building software and circuits is that one cost money. In order to build your circuits you need to buy parts and I went out today to Radio Shack and dropped $45.00 on these simple items. Slowing but surly I’m desensitizing to this technology. I’m not sure where this may lead but it looks promising.

I’m not IT

The one thing that makes me cringe is when someones asks me if I’m IT or should do IT. Many miss use this term because they’re ignorant.

I agree with Linus Torvalds and this is what he said:

“Oh, the absolute *last* thing I want to do is be seen as a support person. No way.

But I’m simply not really organized enough to be a good MIS person. And frankly, I lack the interest. I find the low-level details of how computers work really interesting, but if I had to care about user problems and people forgetting their passwords or messing up their backups, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d probably turn to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain”.

I don’t want to help you fix your mistake, your lack of knowledge, fix your screen resolution. I’m a programmer, I build things, I’m not IT!

>Programmer Hiring

>When I started programming I kept hearing recruiters are clueless and don’t know what they’re doing. I recently ran into one who made me take a test at geekinterview.com

First I’m not a geek just because I’m a programmer. By definition I’m NOT a person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy.

Second, the questions were wrong like saying PHP is a programming language when in its a scripting language, some were dumb like who is father of PHP, who cares! How does knowing this make your software any better, some question were deprecated and finally bad practices and obfuscated. Overall silly!

Now I wonder what kind of developers they have employed. Recruits don’t understand that programming isn’t a multiple choice test and not necessary what you know but what you can discover. Without the internet I’m a worst programmer because I use it like an extension of my memory. I don’t try to memorize every single function in a language because I’m not going to use them all and I can build my own if I have to.

>Too many Options

>Options are great but at times it can be a burden. As a programmer we have all kinds of goodies such as open source tools and languages. We have the option to choose whatever but it can lead to indecision, over thinking and incompleteness.

Did you ever start a project or idea but not finish it because another option appeared? When younger we normally had 2 or 3 games for our SEGA and we played those games so many times we could easily sing the songs. Now I have many games its a sacrifice to finish one.

Less options makes life simpler. Imagine if you had 5 toothbrush to choose from. How frustrating every morning would be and you’ll probably end up using only one anyways.

Don’t confuse less options with laziness to achieve them. I can but don’t because I choose not to. Because the harder you work the more options you get.

Simplicity is what I strive for, not how cool looking or complex my code is. If it gets the job done why will I put an unprofitable twist to it?

>SSH in Windows

>One might ask “why do you need ssh?” And if you don’t know what ssh is, learn it? It’s very useful, you’ll thank me someday.

The problem I was having is that ssh is shipped with Unix operating systems such as Linux and iOS but not on Windows. What if I need to securely access my files on my Windows computer, what will I do? No worries you can have ssh on on Windows but it takes extra work. You’ll need to install cygwin a Unix-like environment and command-line interface for Windows. Click Me for detailed instructions on how to set it up.

>Hello world in Node.js

First you need to install node.js. I’m running ubuntu 11.10 and I also needed to
$ apt-get install openssl libssl-dev

on ubuntu ubuntu 12.04 (see getting-started-with-node-js)
$ apt-get install nodejs

Create a file named test.js, and copy and paste the code below

//how to run the server output hello world
var http = require('http');
var server = http.createServer(function(request, response){
response.writeHead(200, {
'Content-type' : 'text/plain'
response.end('hello world');
// where the host in located
server.listen(8000); //see the code below
console.log('listening on'); //echo in the terminal whatever you want

To start the server go to the terminal and the run the script you created by typing
$ node test.js
Now go to the browser and enter and your done.

Resource: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/this-time-youll-learn-node-js/


updated 2014-07-19

>Downloading files using PHP

>Put the file you wish to download in your website directory. Example:

Now when you want to download it just go http://mysite.com/file.rar

It’s that simple, don’t over complicated it and you don’t need PHP. Yesterday I tried to figure out how to download files but ran across all kinds of complicated methods. Using HTTP heaters, download helper; force_download in codeigniter, and PEAR. Maybe the reason I had such a hard time finding the solution was because its too obvious. Shot! I personally missed it.

>Finish Strong

>When in middle school I ran track and one of the things my coach taught was to pace yourself. But as rebel I had to learn the hard way. I tried to run a full sprint in the beginning of a 400 meter race and lost all my speed 3/4 of the way. It felt wonderful being in first most of the race but all of that went away when I almost finished last. It was a good start, but what’s the point if the finish is horrible.

This analogy can relate to any goal. You may start off slow but if your pace is good you will finish on top. Slow but steady wins the race. Show me someone who is consistent and I’ll show you a successful person. Lesson learned!