>Godaddy Goodbye

>Baligena.com has transferred its domain name out of Godaddy.

Haha whats up with the discount until 12/29/11 Godaddy. I hate when companies act as if they’re above their customers and when the shit hits the fan they come back apologizing, expecting everything to be alright. But its too late to apologize and if Godaddy is having a hard time understanding, below is a video that will help.

Baligena is now with namecheap.com because it’s being mention alot from internet advocates such as techcrunch, hacker news and reddit. Also they are also apposed to SOPA and I their current slogan. Exercise your right. Yes, you’re damn right I’m going to exercise it. They also have good prices.

I invite you to join me.
Click here for step by step instructions on how I did it.

>View all MySQL tables in console

>You may be wondering why phpmyadmin is showing more tables than the console or vise versa.

The reason is because one of them does not have the privilege to view them all. I was having a issue with seeing all my tables in the mysql console and this is what fixed it. I had to log in as the root. (I’m using a linux computer)

$ /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -u -p

If its the other way around which phpmyadmin doesn’t show all the databases is because you have put the wrong user in phpmyadmin source code. Change phpmyadmin settings to fix this.

phpmyadmin database does not match console
mysql hidden tables console
not all databases are shown in console
show all databases

>Programming Insomnia

>Programming may give you Insomnia, it kept me up a couple of nights. Not because I had a deadline due the next morning but I couldn’t stop thinking about coding. But this may be good insomnia. According to studies and also mentioned by VSauce when you dream about something difficult it’s your subconscious trying to solve the problem. I had an experience once that I could not figure out a trigonometry problem but I went to sleep and woke up with the solution.

>Listen to your users?

>Steve Jobs from Apple made the statement that he doesn’t conduct focus groups because customers don’t know want they want because they haven’t seen it yet. But there’s a difference between being a visionary and not listening to users. When users were complaining about the IPhone dropping calls because the way it was held, Apple had to address that issue.

Another example is Todd Howard the directory of Elders Scroll Skyrim rated the best game of the year. Todd Howard personally goes on forums to read every comment to find out what players where complaining about until he hit mass success with Oblivion and couldn’t read all of it anymore. He personally plays many successful and competitors games to find out what people are liking. He takes all this, new ideas and integrates into his game.

>Don’t fix what’s not broken

>Programs and websites are always trying to find the sweet spot between functionality and design, have those two things balanced. Now what sucks is having both of them close to perfection but changing it, like YouTube. YouTube new home page design is crap! How do you go from easy to use to hard. Yes it wasn’t the prettiest design but the functionality was good. Functionality beats pretty any day.

The best program are self explanatory and use common sense. If a site needs a tutorial on how to use it, it’s on the wrong path. WHY!?

Is it because they want their programmers to get busy like fast food restaurants make employers clean something that was already cleaned 1o minutes ago just for the the sake of being busy.

I understand change can have negative effect and it’s necessary but when it jeopardizes usability. Someone needs to rethink their strategy, don’t fix what’s not broken.

>Turn PHP array into objects – stdClass

>Want to access the contents of an array as simple as $array->firtParam

Here’s how you do it

$person = array (
'firstname' => 'Richard',
'lastname' => 'Castera'

$p = (object) $person;
echo $p->firstname; // Will print 'Richard'

Multi-dimensional array example

function arrayToObject($array) {
if(!is_array($array)) {
return $array;

$object = new stdClass();
if (is_array($array) && count($array) > 0) {
foreach ($array as $name=>$value) {
$name = strtolower(trim($name));
if (!empty($name)) {
$object->$name = arrayToObject($value);
return $object;
else {
return FALSE;

$person = array (
'first' => array('name' => 'Richard')

$p = arrayToObject($person);

// Now you can use $p like this:
echo $p->first->name; // Will print 'Richard'