>Example: Small Javascript library

>In jQuery you can call a function like $.ajax() and insert an object inside of it and each property does an action. Below I have simplified an example to demonstrate how this works.

//create the library
var lib = {
sum: function(num){ //create a method
var num1 = num.a;
var num2 = num.b;
this.result = num1 + num2;
table: 'table' //this is a random property, its not necessary

//call a method and create an object inside of it to send data to the library
a : 1, //these are the properties that will be processed
b : 4
alert(lib.result); //output 5

//above is similar to the jQuery AJAX below
var data = $('#input').val();
url:"models/post.php", //these are the properties that will be processed
type: "post",
data: ({name:data, age:'15'}),

jQuery Deconstructed is a rather nice way to look through the source. You will learn alot by studying it.

Internet is like a Candy Store, Open Source is its Candy

The internet is like a candy store and the candy is free. They’re many free stuff online but what makes me excited is the open source, this is high quality free. It may be hard for someone who doesn’t program to understand what I’m talking about. I feel spoiled when I run across an open source software. Seriously, these are unequivocally amazing. From programing languages such as PHP, Python and javascript, to libraries like jQuery and jqPlot to applications such as piwik, to software like blender, to frameworks like CodeIgniter, to operating systems like Ubuntu linux, mail transfer agent like Postfix and the list goes on. There’s so many its hard to use them all. Here is a list of high quality open source projects per category.

>Web Charts – PHP and Javascript

>pChart.net and jqPlot.com are two different libraries that allow you as a web developer create beautiful charts and graphs.

jqPlot is a javascript library that uses jQuery. jqPlot is great because it can pull data directly from multiple mediums such as csv, txt, json and so on. However it sucks because different charts may need different plugin files and you need to make sure the right script is included, but its still simple.

pChart is a PHP libray that uses its GD library. You may need to configure your php depending if this library is installed or not. pChart is a object oriented class that creates an image of a chart on the webpage. The webpage becomes an image which will not let you output any html. The only way you can link to the chart is by using <img> or <iframe> tag. Whats great is that you can create an image that can be save but what sucks is that you may not be able to use AJAX and it takes a huge load on your CPU.

>Milestone: 100th Post

>Since March 28th I been at it consistently. There were days I didn’t want to post and days I couldn’t wait to post. Posted some great content and not so great. I have learned and improved skills because I decided to take a couple of minutes, 3 days a week to put what was in my head and expose it to the world.

start date – March 28, 2011
Number of Days – 203
Post – 100
Most Popular Post – How to get the microphone to work, Ubuntu 11.04
Total views – 1,275
average views per day – 6.28

>Example: JSON

>WARNING!! Do not test it in Chrome it will not work. Only live.

JSON: is used for data storage and can be an alternative to XML.


<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

window.onerror = function(a,b,c){alert(a+b+c);} //if error alert
//Short hand
$.getJSON("info.js", function(json) {

async: false,
url: 'info.js',
success: function(json) {
ret = json.name[1].first;

<button>Click Me</button>

JSON (info.js) – everything must have double quotes except numbers. You cannot comment in JSON. It has to look like the example below and it has to be in object/brackets {}

"name" : [{"first" : "Britney", "last":"Spears"},
{"first" : "Angelina", "last":"Jolie"}],
"age" : 25

>Watch and Transfer videos to PS3 using a Flash Drive or Hard Drive

>Do you want to watch videos on you Play Station 3? Do you want to transfer movies from computer to PlayStation 3? Below are the instructions using a flash drive/hard drive

Make sure the flash drive or hard drive is formatted to FAT32. Create a folder inside the flash drive / hard drive named VIDEO (must be all caps). Put your videos inside this folder (h264, AVI…).

In PS3:
Navigate to the video. Select the flash drive or hard drive then select the video.

>Javascript Object Inheritance – Extend and Multiple

>These two javascript functions does the inheritance

function extendCopy(obj){
var n = {};
for(var i in obj){
n[i] = obj[i];
n.uber = obj;
return n;

//multiple inheritance
function multi(){
var n={}, stuff, j=0, len = arguments.length;
stuff = arguments[j];
for(var i in stuff){
n[i] = stuff[i];
return n;

Below test the object to see if it worked

//Setting objections
var first_obj = {name:'first', doSomething: function(){alert(2+2);}}
var second_obj = {date:'today', location: 'USA'}
var third_obj = {felling:'happiness', status: 'fun'}
//append/inheritance first first_obj to second_obj
var second_obj = extendCopy(first_obj);
document.write(second_obj.name); // first

//add both the first_obj and third_obj at the same time
var fourth_obj = multi(first_obj,third_obj);
document.write(fourth_obj.felling);// happiness

Another example of javascript inheritance using constructors