How to Fix it. IPhone sound stop working

If your IPhone or Ipod Touch internal sound stop working, the volume control is non-responsive and the sound meter does not appear. Below is what you need to do.

On the top of your device there is a small button. Click and hold it, then slide to power off and turn it back on. This reboots your device and the mic will work again.

If you get the white screen of death.  Just click and hold both the small button on the top and the home button for ten seconds and it will reboot.

>Don’t trust your memory

>A good habit is to always document and comment your discoveries. Have a piece of paper or computer be an extension of your brain. Many may say “I figured it out once, I can figure it out again.” That may be true but it sucks!

When I discover something new I tend not to write it down because I trust my memory. However, its not always reliable when working with huge amount of data. Our brain can only hold so much. Recently I forgot how I set up a feature in Microsoft’s Access which I created 3 days ago. I can recreate it but with an unnecessary headache.

>Difficulties in your path

>All afternoon I tried to get gmail to send an email using php. When I finally discovered what was wrong I remember the poem Push on.

There are difficulties in your path. Be thankful for them. They will test your capabilities of resistance; you will be impelled to persevere from the very energy of the opposition. But what of him that fails? What does he gain? Strength for life. The real merit is not in the success, but in the endeavor; and win or lose, he will be honored and crowned. William Morley

>Create and Learn

>In a canoe, if you decide to row only on one side what will happen? You will go around in a circle. So why are you only studying? If you’re only learning a craft but not putting into practice what you learn, you’re shotting yourself in the foot. I have spent a lot of my time learning new techniques and software however I can’t find time to create. I have committed everyday to learn about programming but now I’m committing some days to only creating. Because what’s the point of knowledge if you’re not going to do anything with it?

printObj() => outputs object properties


The javascript function below is used to output the objects and its properties. Alternative to the php function => print_r
I use it mostly for looking up the document DOM eg. printObj(document)
Insert code inside JavaScript <script> tags
function printObj(obj) //reads the objects properties
var object =””;// sets the variable
for(var type in obj)
{object += type +”=> ” + obj[type] + “<br /> “;}

//create a new array or object
var num = new Array(1,2,3,45,6);
//outpuy the object and its properties by
0=> 1
1=> 2
2=> 3
3=> 45
4=> 6

bookmarklet: shows all the the p tags for the page. Copy and paste the code below in the address bar.

javascript:e = document.getElementsByTagName(‘p’);function printObj(obj){var object =””;for(var type in obj){object += type +”=> ” + e[type].innerHTML + “<br />”;}document.write(object);}printObj(e);

>Bad Experience: Ergonomics

>Couple of months ago I bought a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and a Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 to make my computer experience more comfortable. However, I started feeling pain on my wrist like I never had before. I didn’t want to believe that these devices were causing pain so I wore wrist braces to see if it would help and it didn’t. I pulled out my non-ergonomic keyboard and regular mouse on 04/25/11 and the pain has diminished. I have since sold my ergonomic keyboard and trackball to an advertised fool. What I do now is put a pillow under my arm when typing and that seems to solve the problem.

>Running 2 hard drives

>Running two hard drives is easy. What’s needed is connecting an extra hard drive on your motherboard. It can be either a SATA and or a IDE connection. Once the new hard drive is plugged in (the motherboard automatically detects it) enter into your computer BIOS and change the boot order.

The BIOS software is built into the PC, and is the first code run by a PC when powered on, access by pressing a specific key when the computer boots up, before the operating system is loaded .
Usually the original hard drive is listed first. Change the boot order so the new hard drive is listed as first boot, make sure an operating system CD is insert and reboot the computer. Once the computer restarts the new hard drive will boot and the operating system will install.
To change back to the old hard drive go back to BIOS and change the boot order.
If any question leave a comment.

>10 years from now

>When I hear someone 10 years younger than me talk about how they will be going on a field trip at their school, will be meeting up with friends, are getting into trouble and etc. It takes me back, I stop and think about when I was that age and wish I did more. But then I remembered that no one has invented a time machine yet so my only option is to change. Stop waiting to make a billion dollars to have fun. Go out and travel more, meet with friends, take risks, overcome fear and live your life not someone else because the last thing you want is to look back 10 years from now and wish you did more.