>Revenue means CRAP!

>Companies measure success by quoting their revenue to the public but the bottom line is its all deception. Revenue (the amount of money exchanged) means nothing. I can teach a 5 year old kid how to created a million dollars in revenue.

Buy 2,000 iMac computers and sell it for $500 on eBay. You will sell those incredibly fast and easy, make $1 million in revenue but also $1.4 million in loses.
Instead of stating the amount of revenue give us the amount of profits. The amount of money left over after all the expenses have been paid.

>Secret on how to Sell online

>Ever wonder how to sell online. Here’s the secret

Last year I decided to sell online but didn’t know where to start. eBay seemed to be the best idea. It was more important to get started than to make a profit at the time.
So I looked around my table and spotted this cheap calculator, created an eBay Sellers account and guess what happened next. It didn’t sell, and I posted other things that didn’t sell either. Eventually I was able to sell a golf club. Once I sold my first item I was addicted and continue to sell and learn. Now I have made over $200 from the things lying around the house, expanded to Amazon.com, and now working on my online store.

>Birds of a Feather

>Business school always felt like a waste of time, effort and especially money. My professors made me uneasy because they taught how to run a business while they couldn’t do it themselves.

The concept of setting a 5 year projection for a business that hasn’t started never made sense. The notion that your business isn’t successful because it won’t appeal to venture capitalist made me cringe.
Is there a way to start a business without a load of money?
Is this school stuff a bunch of crap?
Am I the only one who FEELS THIS WAY?……….NO
What David Heinemeier Hansson writes and says feels like my mind speaking back to me. David is the creater of Ruby on Rails and a partner in a multi-million dollar company called 37 Signals that started from nothing. He is known for is controversial views and arrogance but what he says contain truth.

>Free credit check. 4REAL!!!

>Just for the record this is not a commercial, a sponsor or anything that will make me money. I’m just sharing something that helped me and I think it will help you too.

I wanted to know what was on my credit report today however I didn’t want to sign up, cancel and give out my social security number to these free credit report sites. I used to work for a company that did soft pull credit reports. Soft pull credit report are when your credit is pulled up and doesn’t record that someone look at it, doesn’t effect it and cannot determine your credit score. I don’t really care about my score because I have no intention of buying anything, I just wanted to know what was on it. I’m paranoid that someone will steal my identity and use it to take out loans.
The company is called Lighthouse Credit Foundation, they been around for 10 years, they’re a non-profit organization, they’re located in Clearwater, FL and what they do is help you get rid of you debt if you qualify or decided to do so. Now they don’t give out credit reports as part of their business they just pull it up to find out if you qualify for their program. So indirectly they’re giving you a free credit report.
So I called them up today, they asked for basic info like what you name, address, date of birth and they were able to pull my credit. I was surprised they didn’t need my social security number. In minutes they told me what was on it and it was accurate.
Now I advise you to do your own research and below is their infomation.
Lighthouse Credit Foundation
1-800-873-9906 ext. 3709

>Upload database to godaddy.com using phpmyadmin


Received this error
MySQL said:
#1044 – Access denied for user
1. click on the database you want export out of your localhost to godaddy, eg. my_db
2. Click on export, and then click go. It will prompt you to save file. Save as .sql
3. go to godaddy phpmyadmin and click on the database you want to import it to
4.click on import and click on choose file
wala you’re done
I wanted to put screen shots but it was too big for this blog